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Women Designed The idea of Adrenaline Monkey was conceived by our founder’s twin daughters as they watched with frustration as a petite woman struggled to do obstacles on the American Ninja Warrior television show. They asked their mother if she could create a business that has ninja warrior obstacle courses in it that everybody could use. Small people, young people, big people, old people, clumsy people. Our founder said “Yes!” And who better to build this business than her.
  A woman on an Adrenaline Monkey course
Women Owned Our founder is best suited to build a business that includes everything a customer would want because she is the customer. A woman with discerning tastes and requirements who wants an active and healthy lifestyle for herself and her family. A mother who thinks of herself and her children as warriors facing and conquering challenges, big and small, engaged fully in each moment of their lives. A serial hostess of parties who entertains with purpose. A person who wants adventure at all stages of her life. Adventure for life.
A woman speaking to a crowd at Adrenaline Monkey
Entertainment with Purpose Unlike every entertainment center that our founder visited, at Adrenaline Monkey every single event, from a basic trainng birthday party to a full facility rental, is thoughtfully planned with attention to a million little details that all add up to a memorable and empowering experience for our guests. Don’t worry! You don’t have to figure out what these details are or how to execute on them. We will teach you.
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Customized Thoughtful ProgrammingEach sports or team building event or school visit includes customized thoughtful programming designed to meet the needs and desires of the attendees. We have a menu of themes and activities from which to choose. The Mother Monkey is always experimenting and designing new programs that will be available to you.
A group of girls on a rope obstacle
Impact On Community Our commitment to the community is very strong. Our very product is a benefit to the community in that it provides an active and healthy alternative to video games, cell phones and social media. We even serve healthy (“nourishing”) food and beverage options (from avocado toast to fruit smoothies). We host “Play it Forward” fundraisers for charities and other nonprofits and hand over half of the revenue for the event to the charity/nonprofit.
  A large crowd gathering in the Adrenaline Monkey building
Impact on Local ProductsWe provide free passes and other swag to countless charities to include in their own fundraiser silent auctions. We serve a multitude of local brands and hire locally. In fact, we provide scholarships to local teens and provide an after school program for no cost to local students. Our Core Values remind all of us to elevate ourselves, empower others and evolve always. We actively lead by example.
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Meaningful Core Values
  • Experience each moment
  • Embrace Adventure
  • Emancipate your inner child
  • Entertain with purpose
  • Experience each moment
  • Elevate yourself
  • Empower others
  • Evolve always
  A young girl on an Adrenaline Monkey obstacle
Impactful Mission & VisionThe mission of Adrenaline Monkey is to inspire physical activity, provide empowering experiences, encourage a sense of adventure, and develop the skill and passion for movement for anyone who is willing to try. As we grow and franchise, Adrenaline Monkey will positively impact the mental, physical, and social health of millions of lives through empowering experiences.
A grandpa holding his granddaughter and smiling
Welcome, Warriors. Your Adventure Starts Here! 

Our facility is designed for kids, adults, and groups of any size, age or ability. With a variety of active and relaxed options, we know our guests (aka Warriors) will experience adventure for hours at a time.

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