Summer Camp Registration is now open | NEW! Warrior Flow Yoga, Sunday's from 9-10 am | Mmmm Event - 5/9
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OUR CUSTOMERS, YOUR BRAND Adrenaline Monkey is the perfect marketing platform – a place where consumers can see, touch, and develop a connection with your brand, face-to-face. Adrenaline Monkey represents the newest evolution in family entertainment centers and is a hybrid adventure experience and performance training facility.

Adrenaline Monkey provides a local marketing platform that reaches people when they’re willing to be engaged. One with the power to let consumers experience your brand – not just see or hear about it. Television can’t do that. Neither can radio or print.

We can connect your products and services with people who have the money to spend and the desire to buy – families, fitness enthusiasts, moms, teens, young adults and athletes. Get up close and personal with the audiences and events at one of Ohio’s most exciting family entertainment and performance training centers.
Partnership Activation We do partnerships differently. We know that every partner has a specific goal and audience in mind, so we ditch the cookie-cutter approach and work to create the best solution for our customers, our partners, and ourselves.

It all starts with a complete understanding of our audience and their lifestyle, along with creative ideas and clever implementation. We can help you tailor promotions around your products and services that add to the experience of the Adrenaline Monkey consumer. We can facilitate this face-to-face and online, through social media. When it comes to making a connection with consumers who are ready to be engaged where they live, work and play – our team will help you get the job done.
  A teen doing a course at Adrenaline Monkey
Looking for an adventurous summer camp? 

Our week-long summer camps include programing that utilizes both indoor and outdoor activities to help develop campers' physical and mental attributes through empowering experiences on our ninja warrior obstacle courses, climbing walls, aerial ropes course, and outdoor obstacle course. 

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