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Am I permitted on the adventures if I am part of a party?
Yes, if you have a paid wristband. 
Do I need to sign a waiver if I am not partaking in the adventures?
Yes. Everyone that enters our facility is required to have a waiver on file.
May I bring outside food and beverage into the facility?
Only if you book a party or event.
What is the cost of a two-hour ticket?
$20 (Wed) & $28 (Fri-Sun)
What is the cost of a three-hour ticket?
$20 (Wed) & $35 (Fri-Sun)
What is the cost for toddlers?
Ages 4 and under are a reduced ticket at $8 (weekday) and $12 (weekends) with no time limit. 
Are tickets refundable?
No, they are not.
Do you offer group rates?
Yes, for 4 or more, the cost is $20 for 2 hours and $25 for 3 hours per participant. For larger groups, please contact for your group rate.
Do I have to pre-purchase tickets
No, you can purchase them upon arrival.
What do I wear?
Comfortable clothes and sneakers
Welcome, Warriors. Your Adventure Starts Here! 

Our facility is designed for kids, adults, and groups of any size, age or ability. With a variety of active and relaxed options, we know our guests (aka Warriors) will experience adventure for hours at a time.

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