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The ninja community is constantly coming together to grow the sport through access and exposure. After several conversations on how better to collaborate, we took the lead on developing a website that includes a master schedule of all the ninja competitions across the nation. 

With easy access to all competitions, gym owners also can do a better job of avoiding conflicting competitions in the same region.

Check it out here: If you don’t see a competition listed, please add it to the short form at the end of the page or shoot us a quick email to

At Adrenaline Monkey, a fully equipped Ninja Training and Adventure Center, Ninja Warrior Leagues are available for all ages, sizes, and abilities to work with your strengths and push you out of your comfort zone. 

Ninja allows freedom to challenge yourself at your own pace on your own time when you are ready to make the next leap, jump, or tackle the obstacle course.  Ninja offers opportunities to make new friends and find your own tribe as you discover your strengths and push past boundaries that may have inhibited you in the past.   As a Ninja, you can climb walls, tackle obstacle courses, and swing through the air like a superhero!  Bring out your inner Wonder Woman and Spiderman!

If you would like to give Ninja training a try or improve your ninja skills, Cleveland residents and those visiting the Cleveland area this Spring and Summer, can now take advantage of the Adventure Center, Adrenaline Monkey, and their Warrior Leagues, Training, and Summer Camps.

Grab a friend or a group of friends and stay happy, healthy, fit, and adventurous all year long with an Adrenaline Monkey membership!

Inquire about Adrenaline Monkey’s membership rates or feel free to call us at (216) 282-3100. We are looking forward to helping you get the most action-packed rewarding Summer ever!

Stay healthy and stay safe!

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