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Now is the time to plan for AFTER PROM 2021. If your school and classmates are looking for unique after prom ideas, consider some of these for your 2021 AFTER PROM celebrations.

Binge Watch Prom Movies!
Anyone with Netflix or a DVD player can easily comprise a list and a way to enjoy the plethora of prom films all night and into the dawn. Prom is a popular teen movie theme, and many teen films end with a prom. Check out Pretty in Pink, Footloose, 10 Things I Hate About You, Mean Girls, American Pie, She’s All That, and Carrie…just to get you started. Add some popcorn, M & M’s, and ice cream, and pizza and get ready to laugh and cry and scream with your friends.

Instagram Worthy Photo!
Almost everyone takes the obligatory photos with your date before your parents will let you out the door, but how about trying evening photos with your special someone and your closest friends…under a starry sky and a brilliant moon. Ideas for photo shoot locations include your childhood playground – imagine posing on a swing in your prom dress in bare feet, or maybe the beach or lake if you live close to any large bodies of water. Let your imagination run wild and take some beautiful photos. Golden hour just before sunset is another beautiful time for romantic and stunning photos. Practice the weekend before your prom, so you know your best poses, angles, and time of day.

Karaoke party!
Round up your friends and have a karaoke party at your house. You can stream YouTube karaoke videos on your TV and sing until the sun comes up.

Midnight Bowling!
If you have a Bowling Alley that is open late where you live, take advantage of some Midnight Bowling with you and your friends. Kick off your high heels and dress shoes and put on a pair of bowling shoes.

Gaming Tournament!
If you and your friends enjoy video games, host a gaming tournament at your home after prom complete with snacks

Spa Party!
Prom has ended, and you and your girlfriends probably have on more makeup than you have worn in your entire life. Head back to your house for a Spa Party and Sleepover complete with face masks and bubbly foot soaks to soothe those aching feet after dancing all night in high heels. Take off those false eyelashes and chill…

Host a lock-in!
Take your group to a lock-in for a sleepover after prom. Check out local establishments available to book for a lock-in party. Enlist in friendly competition on obstacle courses, play some basketball or virtual reality games. Some places even offer laser tag.

The opportunities are endless to enjoy unique and fun times with your friends after prom.

An option for Cleveland area After Proms is the action-packed and spacious Adrenaline Monkey.
Mark your Calendars for After Prom LIGHT UP THE NIGHT on May 21, 2021 from 11 pm – 2 am. Tickets are $30 per person. Ticket Deadline is May 14!

After Prom Tickets include Food, Drinks, Ninja Courses, Arcade, Basketball, Giveaways and More!!!
Are you ready to check out what Adrenaline Monkey has to offer after Prom? Follow us on Social Media and share your photos, videos, and suggestions!
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