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Eric WoljevachAdrenaline Monkey, an indoor adventure center, is beginning the new year with the announcement that it has appointed Eric Woljevach, a previous competitor from NBC’s American Ninja Warrior, as its Warrior Training program’s head coach. 
Woljevach comes to Adrenaline Monkey with an extensive ninja background including having competed in more than 60 ninja competitions across the country, becoming a world finalist in three ninja leagues (National Ninja League, Ultimate Ninja Athletic Association, and Athlete Warrior Games), and having been featured on Season 10 & 11 of American Ninja Warrior
“We are thrilled to have Coach Eric leading our warrior training program. In addition to his ninja background, we love the fire and passion he brings to the team. Eric sees opportunity and growth in every athlete and our program has grown immensely because of it,” shared Adrenaline Monkey’s General Manager, Jamie Haggerty. 
The adventure center aims to inspire physical activity, provide empowering experiences, encourage a sense of adventure, and develop the skill and passion for movement for anyone who is willing to try. 
One of Adrenaline Monkey’s Warrior Training program’s athletes is Nathanael Honvou, who earned the champion title for the 9-10 age group of American Ninja Warrior Jr, Season 2. Honvou has been training at Adrenaline Monkey since the adventure center’s opening year in 2018. 
“I love training at Adrenaline Monkey because it has challenging yet fun obstacles. I have become a better ninja because they help me and have many obstacles I can swing on. They also have the biggest warped wall I have ever seen!” Nathanael Honvou, age 11.
The sport of ninja started on a TV show, American Ninja Warrior. Then, AAU style leagues, each with a different set of rules and formatting, started to develop. The sport of ninja, unlike most sports, has developed in reverse order. It is not an established sport in schools or colleges. Adrenaline Monkey, through its high school program, Warrior Club, is developing a format and structure for ninja that can be adopted by schools and colleges. 
“Similar to gymnastics and martial arts, our ninja program has levels. In lieu of the colored belts that martial artists receive at each level, our athletes receive colored headbands in true ninja style,” explains Haggerty. 
Adrenaline Monkey’s Warrior Training program is for ages 6-13 and its Warrior Club is for grades 7-12.  Both programs involve obstacle course training to help participants improve their performance on the ninja and parkour courses, cross-train participants for their other sports, and improve natural athleticism. Woljevach is leading the advanced sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30-6:30 pm. Novice and intermediate classes are also available on Thursdays (5:30-6:30 pm, led by Coach KJ Hanna) and Saturdays (10-11 am, led by Coach Chad Ruth) 
“I plan on using my experience to teach and inspire the next generation so that one day the sport of ninja is thought of as highly as the other traditional sports. This is truly a mixed art of all movement. From gymnastics to parkour and rock climbing. Taking elements from all movements and applying it to become the best overall athlete we can become. Along with building mindset, confidence and character,” shared Woljevach.
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