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Meditation has a variety of wonderful benefits that include: 


Taking time out of your day to find somewhere peaceful and quiet to meditate will help keep you more in touch with yourself and your emotions during these stressful and uncertain times.  It will help you to remember that you have been through uncertain circumstances and life events before, and you got through them.  You will get through this too.  

Take the time to shut out everything outside of yourself and go within.  This is where the magic happens, and it is where your true power resides.  Shut out the outside noise and worries projected by others and visit your inner peace.  

Some of us have difficulty sitting still to meditate.  If you need to move to quiet your mind and go within, putting on music and dancing is another way to quiet the noise in your mind and feel your free-flowing spirit. 

Also, make sure you are getting enough sleep because sleep affects our physical, mental and emotional health.  

Continue your stretching and exercise at home and choose healthy foods for your meals. 

Remember to drink water.

Find a calming space and wear comfy, loose clothing.

Then, go quiet and go within. Relax.

There is a plethora of meditation videos on YouTube for free. Find one that resonates with you. Maybe you prefer to meditate with guiding words from a calming voice or the sounds of nature like rain or the ocean or birds soothes you. Experiment and find which meditations resonate with your soul.

Adrenaline Monkey hopes our guests and members are doing well and staying healthy during this time, and we are looking forward to being able to serve your adventure and fitness needs soon.

We would like to keep you engaged with your fitness and sense of adventure until we open, so Adrenaline Monkey has created a private social group on Facebook for you to join and share your progress at home. We recognize a sense of community is important to our well-being. Also follow us on Tik Tok and share your Tik Toks with our community.

 Adrenaline Monkey is looking forward to welcoming back our radiant guests. Active play is naturally meditative as it thrusts us into the current moment. We hope you can keep up your active play at home until you can see us again. Share with us on social media how you keep up your active play at home.  

Adrenaline Monkey is located at 26800 Renaissance Parkway in Cleveland, Ohio. Contact Adrenaline Monkey at or (216) 282-3100.  

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