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Spring is the most wonderful time of year. Colorful fruits and vegetables greet us while shopping for groceries. Beautiful flowers blooming everywhere scent the air with their enticing fragrance. And lovely women pass by us in their bright tops and flowy dresses. The gentle breeze caresses our skin as we step outside to get our mail, go for walks and ride our bikes on gorgeous, sunny promising days of Spring.  Everything is new again. We feel more alive. We crave romance and adventure and the sunshine on our skin.

Most of us will celebrate Easter this year differently, but we can still partake in it’s magic and promise. The Easter Bunny always social distances, so he will still be on his bunny trail leaving Easter eggs and baskets of candy and toys for little boys and girls.

Whether you are little or big, everyone loves the excitement of a surprise Easter Basket in the morning.

Spring is an awesome time to be creative with Easter Baskets…especially now when we all are craving social connection and would love the surprise of an Easter Basket this Sunday morning.

Here are some ideas for unique Easter Baskets to inspire you…let your imagination run wild.  Please share your own unique Easter Basket ideas with us in our Facebook group and on our Instagram.  We’d love to hear from you.  Include your photos of the finished baskets too.  We are looking forward to seeing what you create.

  • Many of our local businesses are struggling due to social distancing. We can support them with GIFT CARD EASTER BASKETS.  If your recipient loves dining out, arrange a beautiful Easter Basket with an assortment of gift cards to their favorite restaurants and include some they haven’t tried yet. This way they can experience the newness Spring gives to us.

 A good laugh can make anyone feel better. If you are lucky enough to have extra toilet paper, Clorox wipes and hand sanitizer…you can really make someone’s Easter this year! This is perfect for the person who has a good sense of humor and is also practical.


Include paint brushes and acrylic paint, stretched canvases and mixing trays. Another idea is colored pencils and crayons and coloring books – they even have adult coloring books! Beads and string for creating jewelry or yarns and knitting or crochet needles and pattern books. Easter is all about creating something new.


You can make an entire family happy with a movie and snacks basket. Include DVDs or Amazon gift cards and popcorn and M & Ms and chips and pretzels.You could also include gift cards to the local grocery store or Walmart, so that they can pick up ice cream and their favorite toppings.


 Some of us love playing with new makeup or skin care or fragrance.  We can try all of it in a wonderfully exciting Beauty Basket!!!  Gift cards to Ulta and Sephora can amp up the excitement for the glamour goddess in your life.


 This basket is perfect for the nature lover, the green goddess, the gardener….You can include seeds for flowers and a vegetable garden.  You can also gift a potted plant or flowers or a tomato plant.

As you can see here, with a little bit of imagination and creativity, we can all do our part to help the Easter Bunny out.

Need Last Minute Easter Gifts? 🐰 Adrenaline Monkey has you covered!

Last but not least

  • THE ADVENTURE EASTER BASKET from Adrenaline Monkey

Add some adventure to your kids’ Easter baskets.

During these uncertain times, it is important to have something to look forward to. Give your family the gift of adventure AND hope by planning a family adventure for when we open our doors again.

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T-shirts, cinch bags, headbands, shaker bottles are also available and can be delivered. Contact to place your order.

Adrenaline Monkey is looking forward to welcoming back our radiant guests. Active play is naturally meditative as it thrusts us into the current moment. We hope you can keep up your active play at home until you can see us again.  Share with us on social media how you keep up your active play at home.

Adrenaline Monkey is located at 26800 Renaissance Parkway in Cleveland, Ohio. Contact Adrenaline Monkey at or (216) 282-3100.

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