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Spending alone time relaxing and pampering yourself at home is a lovely way to balance your life and your overall well-being. 

Spas envelop our senses with clean, uncluttered dimly lit rooms, scented oils, soothing sounds and sensual touch.  It is possible to create a similar oasis in our own bathroom at home. 

Spa experiences invite us into the present moment.

Here is a recipe for creating an amazing spa day or night in your own bathroom:

Start with a spotless, uncluttered bathroom.

Display fluffy white towels and whatever you need for your own unique spa experience:  salt scrubs, luscious lotions, face masks and scented body oils.

Scented essential oil diffusers are an inviting touch.  

Keep the lights dim with candles or a Himalayan salt lamp. 

You can discover an abundance of meditation and spa music on the YouTube app on your phone.  

Fill your bathtub with warm water and your choice of scented oils or Epsom salt.

Put on a facial mask for your skin type before you relax in your bath.  You might like to try those facial sheet masks that infuse your skin with moisture if you have dry skin or a clay mask if you have oilier skin.

This is also an excellent time to indulge your tresses with a luxurious hair mask.

Immediately after your bath, apply scented oils or moisturizers to your skin.  

Use a lip scrub to soften your lips before you moisturize them.

Finish your spa day relaxing in the peaceful environment you created.  

Wrap yourself in a cozy robe and curl up with a good book and a hot tea.

When you are nourished physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, you have healthier relationships and you perform better at school, work and in any physical activity.

Hopefully, we can take this time to pamper ourselves and meditate on the next steps we will take to enhance our lives going forward.  Some of us will rethink our choice of foods we eat and decide to include a cleanse with our spa day. Some of us will embark on a new hobby or physical activity.  Some of us will nurture an innate gift we have never found time for in the past.  


Slowing down and indulging our senses is good for the soul.

When it is time to ramp up the activity, your healthy work/life balance will enhance your performance at the gym and everywhere else in your life.  

Adrenaline Monkey is looking forward to welcoming back our radiant guests.   Active play is naturally meditative as it thrusts us into the current moment.

If you live or travel in the Cleveland, Ohio area, physically active children, teens, and adults at all fitness levels are checking out Adrenaline Monkey for group workouts and obstacle courses that challenge even the toughest athletes and inspire beginning enthusiasts. Adrenaline Monkey offers a variety of opportunities to kick your cross training and physical activity up a notch.

 Adrenaline Monkey is located at 26800 Renaissance Parkway in Cleveland, Ohio. Ask about Adrenaline Monkey’s drop-in rates and membership rates.  Cross train your obstacle skills at Adrenaline Monkey! Make friends with similar interests. Contact Adrenaline Monkey at or (216) 282-3100.  Make an appointment with personal or group training with one of our Ninja Coaches and check out our group cross training classes.

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