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For fitness fanatics looking for something new to experience and for those of us who have good intentions to get to the gym but need:

1. serious motivation with a dose of fun

2. and hopefully some technology thrown in –



Fitness Centers excited to explore the future of technology and embrace the role it plays in keeping their customers fit, have incorporated virtual reality games. Exhilarating virtual reality platforms allow all ages to exercise while they play. Players can choose games based on their physical abilities and work up to more difficult settings as their stamina improves.

REMEMBER: Doctors encourage a break for 10 minutes for every half hour played.

Virtual Reality immerses you in a game as the active player – it makes you feel just like you are somewhere else as you are challenged to compete against the game and/or others. Time seems to fly with virtual reality games which translates into workouts that are no longer drudgery, but an interactive experience which will motivate you to go beyond your ordinary limits and expectations.

If you live in the Cleveland, Ohio area, Virtual Reality has arrived at an indoor adventure center near you! Check out Adrenaline Monkey’s 24,000 square feet of non-stop activity where Ninjas of all ages and ability come to train and meet like-minded enthusiasts on a quest for fitness and adventure.

Adrenaline Monkey is located at 26800 Renaissance Parkway in Cleveland, Ohio. Contact Adrenaline Monkey at or (216) 282-3100.

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