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Wonder what’s next for you when your kids are packed off to college and there are no more soccer games, dance competitions, gymnastics tournaments or PTA meetings?

Check out these tips for empty nesters!

  1. Get out of your empty nest and SOCIALIZE! Revisit all of your hobbies and favorite activities you put on the backburner while shuffling your kids back and forth to activities.
  2. Focus on your own self-empowerment. Accept your feelings.  Meditate and grow yourself spiritually, and you will continue to have the strength and wisdom for your older children. Allow yourself to adjust to this transition.
  3. Take care of you! Schedule regular spa visits and massages. Join a gym. Give yourself the compassion and care that you always give to your family.
  4. Continue to set long term goals for yourself. Do you want to retire? Travel? Write a book? Learn a language? A personal goal can help keep you focused on your own journey while your children embark on their unique path.
  5. Talk to someone about your feelings – a friend, a professional, or other empty nesters.

If your nest is empty and it is getting too quiet at home, come join us at Adrenaline Monkey! We are located at 26800 Renaissance Parkway in Warrensville Heights, OH. Adrenaline Monkey offers both drop in rates and membership rates.  Cross train your obstacle skills at Adrenaline Monkey! Make friends with similar interests. Contact Adrenaline Monkey at  or (216) 282-3100 if you have any questions.

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