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While the chilly weather lingers at our doorsteps, spring may seem far away. But in reality, it’s going to be here soon! Now can be a nice time to count down the days until warm weather and start planning for spring break. For some of us, spring break may not include partying in beachside hotels.  We may have a home that needs fresh landscaping or painting, and now we finally have some free time to accomplish that home improvement. For others, spending time with your children and engaging in family activities may be the perfect spring break this year. Whatever it is that you want to accomplish during this brief respite, here are some things to do this spring that may inspire your decision making.


Cruises are a favorite spring break getaway because everything you need is on the ship – your room, your food, your entertainment, and nightlife.


Atlantis, Walt Disney World, or low-key beach hotels with sandy bike paths – may be the perfect vacation resort for you.


If your spring break is only a week away, and you still have no plans – there is no need to panic. The truth is, you do have a plan. You are planning a ‘Staycation’; a wonderful, relaxing, no pressure, no packing, staycation where you sleep in your own bed and have multiple days to use at your disposal.

As the name implies, you stay home for a staycation and can visit local attractions, or just relax on your own porch; a simple luxury many of us rarely enjoy due to our hectic, fast-paced lives.  You can plant some seeds for summer, run a marathon, go on a nature walk, visit a local park, enjoy an outdoor festival, or visit an amusement park.

Family Entertainment Centers are another way to maximize a staycation. Don’t know what a Family Entertainment Center is? Family Entertainment Centers strive to maximize family fun by providing new and diverse activities for everyone to enjoy. These activities can include climbing walls, arcade games, mini golf, free fall rides, ropes course, laser tag, and more. Catering to small children, teenagers, and adults, you can bring your entire family for a wide range of games and activities.

This spring, check out Adrenaline Monkey’s spring break day camps!

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