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Good sportsmanship is when coaches, officials, team players, opponents and parents treat each other with respect.  Children are watching and learning from the adults in their lives how to react appropriately in challenging situations.

Coaches and parents should encourage perseverance and dignity and teach children to remain humble and kind whether if they win or lose.  All of us take turns having good and bad days. Sports is about working together to obtain a common goal, but it is also about the endurance and the struggle and encouraging one another to do their very best at whatever goal they set for themselves.

Give your child positive words of encouragement and congratulate them on a job well done.  Avoid any negativity and keep your comments positive and encouraging.

Applaud for everyone’s good plays – not just your child’s good plays.  If the opposing team wins, congratulate the parents and their kids on that team as well.

As your children get older, let them decide which sports they want to play, as well as, their level of commitment.  Don’t push them into a sport or activity because it is one you enjoy.


  • Soccer
  • Dance
  • Martial Arts
  • Relay Races
  • Leagues

If you live in the Cleveland, Ohio area, check out Adrenaline Monkey’s Warrior League! Warrior League is an 8-week long comprehensive team competition with the final week consisting of competitions. Your challenges consist of 1 warrior (single) or 3 warrior (team) weekly battles. Our Adrenaline Monkey obstacle racing courses feature some of the most popular obstacles in the sport — Spider Wall, Spin Cycle, Quad Steps, Warped Walls, and much more! For our more experienced athletes, we host a 14-foot Warped Wall and Salmon Ladder!

Learn more about our Warrior League here. Next League starts in May!

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Our week-long summer camps include programing that utilizes both indoor and outdoor activities to help develop campers' physical and mental attributes through empowering experiences on our ninja warrior obstacle courses, climbing walls, aerial ropes course, and outdoor obstacle course. 

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