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Get fit together. Stay active as a couple.  Enjoy sensual treats like good food, drinks and massages. Whatever you like to do for fun – mix it with a little heart and romance – and spice up your Valentine’s Day with some of these fun date night activities for you and your sweetheart.

  1. Host or find a Valentine’s Day Dirty Dancing Party.
  2. Chocolate Making and Tasting – find a chocolate making class and then bring home fresh chocolates for Valentine’s Day!
  3. Wine Tour and/or Tasting. Get a little warm and toast your sweetie.
  4. Couples’ Massage. Who doesn’t like a stress free, relaxing activity during a busy work week?
  5. Take your hottie ice skating!
  6. Have cocktails at an upscale hotel bar and if you have the entire night free, book a romantic hotel.
  7. Design a sexy scavenger hunt. Let your imagination run wild!  Chocolate, Perfume, Jewelry…whatever your heart desires!
  8. Inquire if any of your local museums is hosting an after-hours event for Valentine’s Day.
  9. Take your date to see local musical or a concert. A+ if the songs are romantic!
  10. Check out local piano bars or Karaoke after your romantic dinner.

If you live in the Cleveland, Ohio area, check out Adrenaline Monkey for Valentine’s Day! Bring your date in this Valentine’s Day (2/14/19) and receive our special offer of $30 per couple for 2 hours of admission!

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