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If you want to limit your teen’s screen time, pay attention to your own TV and cell phone habits.  Spend time listening to your teen about their day at school or practice.  Plan activities you both enjoy and invite your teen to include their friends.  You are your teen’s most important role model and what you do with or without them does matter.

It is up to you to set an example and limit your teen’s screen time.  Suggest something active or creative you can do as a family.

Use screen time as a reward for a job well done – homework completed in a timely manner, room cleaned, car washed, or laundry folded.

Motivate your teen to exercise by joining a gym together, riding bikes or training for a marathon.  Your teens may be more motivated if you allow them to choose the sport or activity.  When they are part of a team, they learn dedication, responsibility and how to be a team player.  Valuable social connections are made as well.

They can use their social media to share their progress and inspire other teens to join them.

If you live or travel in the Cleveland area, stop by Adrenaline Monkey every Friday for Teen Night, where teenagers (ages 13-17) can receive our Buy One Get One Admission Deal from 7 p.m.­–10 p.m!

Adrenaline Monkey Can Also Accommodate: 

  • After Proms
  • End of Year Party
  • Field Trips
  • First Communion & Confirmation Parties
  • Half Birthday Parties
  • Holiday Parties
  • Lock-Ins
  • Private Events
  • Quinceaneras
  • Snow Days
  • Sweet Sixteen Parties
  • VIP Section Events
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Looking for an adventurous summer camp? 

Our week-long summer camps include programing that utilizes both indoor and outdoor activities to help develop campers' physical and mental attributes through empowering experiences on our ninja warrior obstacle courses, climbing walls, aerial ropes course, and outdoor obstacle course. 

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