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As a normal part of maturing, children experience fear-based worries such as anxiety and worry over all aspects of their life including their performance in school, team sports, activities as well as their social life.

Fear is intended for short-term survival – not long-term existence.  How do you calm your child’s anxiety and offer love-based self-confidence and gratitude?

Encourage them to believe in themselves, their abilities, talents, and gifts.  Teach them how to approach life from a positive place of love and understanding instead of fear and worry.

When they develop self-confidence, their anxiety will lose its power over them.

Invite your children to experience activities together and invite their friends to share them with you as well.

When they believe in themselves, they are more apt to try new things, take risks, and go after their goals and dreams.  Wishes do come true when you believe in your ability to make things happen.

Tips to boost self-confidence:

  • Do not compare yourself to anyone else.
  • Life isn’t a competition. Stay in your own lane and in your own race.
  • Take care of your body and your health. Sleep, exercise and eat nutritionally rich foods.
  • Treat yourself with kindness. Everyone makes mistakes and so do you. We make mistakes so that we can learn.  No one is perfect.  No matter what you see on social media.
  • There is no better time than now. Do not put off doing things until you feel you are 100% perfect.  Once again – no one is perfect.  Don’t miss out because of perfectionism.
  • Tackle your intrusive thoughts and self-doubt by challenging them. Go for it even if your mind tells you otherwise. Being anxious and making mistakes might not be as bad as you thought.

If you live in the Cleveland, Ohio area, families are checking out Adrenaline Monkey for group workouts and obstacle courses that challenge even the toughest athletes. The recently opened state-of-the-art 24,000 square foot family adventure center sports challenging rock walls, parkour courses, and aerial ropes.

If you work up an appetite, Adrenaline Monkey also serves a variety of smoothies and healthy snacks for hungry families.

Ask today about Adrenaline Monkey’s drop-in rates and membership rates! Every Monday, our Tough MudderWarrior DashSpartan Race, and all other obstacle course enthusiasts receive half-off admission and half-off smoothies!  We have also added virtual reality to Adrenaline Monkey’s 24,000 square foot Family Adventure Center.  Contact Adrenaline Monkey at or (216) 282-3100. We are looking forward to training as a Ninja with you!

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