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As we frantically run around shopping for presents this holiday season, we have a suggestion for you. Did you ever consider gifting an experience? You can even share the gifted experience with the ones you love. Instead of wrapping a box, think outside the box. What have you talked about with your family and friends? What do they enjoy?  What memories can you make that will outlast your neatly wrapped gift?

  • Vacations 

Family vacations are an awesome way for a family to bond and gift an experience.  Save the money you would spend on presents for each other, and put it toward a family vacation such as a cruise or a Disney vacation. Possibly, a relaxing weekend on the beach is more your style. Think ahead and discuss it this holiday season, and you have plenty of time to plan a wonderful time for the entire family to enjoy.

  • Spa Days

If your gift recipient is always on the go and never takes time to rest, consider a day of pampering. Surprise them with a day at the spa or a monthly massage for a year.  Maybe they love to get their nails done and would appreciate a gift certificate to their favorite nail salon.  This gift experience is a favorite of many working moms, and there are so many spa experiences to enjoy.

  • Learning Experience.

Have you discussed getting scuba diving lessons with your friend or talked about taking cooking lessons? You can also gift an experience that you and your friend can both enjoy and discover something new together!

  • Fishing Charter. 

If the person on your gift list has a great love of the outdoors, boats, and fishing, a fishing charter is a perfect experience waiting for them to unwrap.

  • Concert or Music Festival Tickets.

Maybe the one you love has not so secretly expressed an interest in an upcoming concert or music festival. Surprise them with concert tickets instead of a sweater.

  • Family Entertainment Center. 

Gifting a membership to a Family Entertainment Center is also a wonderful idea for a recipient of all ages.  Family Entertainment Centers are a perfect combination of maximizing family fun and providing new and diverse activities for everyone to enjoy. You can purchase day passes, a monthly, or yearly membership. There is something available for everyone to enjoy from ninja obstacle courses, climbing walls, arcade games, ropes courses, and more. It’s a gift of a thrilling experience. Imagine the memories this gift will create!

When you let your imagination run wild, gifting an experience can be rewarding for both the giver and the receiver. It is a way to enjoy memories together that will last a lifetime and treat someone special to something they would not have experienced if it wasn’t for your thoughtful gift.

Adrenaline Monkey has gift experiences available for everyone on your list. Go to and sign up for our email list, so you receive news of the latest gift packages.  Gift an experience that takes them to the next level of fun – Adrenaline Monkey Fun!

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