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What we Believe, we Create.
Empowering young girls begins with inspiring them to believe in themselves. Let your daughter, sister or friend see the potential within them and encourage her to go after her dreams.


  1. Every warrior princess must have a battle cry. She must have a voice. Education that emphasizes expressing herself articulately will build her communication skills allowing her to make a difference in her community as well as empower future young girls.
  2. Give your daughter decision making roles at home. Encourage her to weigh in on choices for family chores and activities. It could be anything from planning weekly meals, choosing a paint color for her bedroom, or putting in suggestions for a family vacation.
  3. Encourage your daughter to go for leadership positions such as school council or dance captain.
  4. Express openly how you appreciate the women in your life including your daughter. Girls learn by example.  Let her see you support other women who need assistance and let them know that you care.
  5. Invest in small businesses owned by women and take her along with you when you frequent small businesses owned by women.
  6. Reach out to young girls in your community and be a mentor to a young girl or a young woman.
  7. Help and encourage girls and young women to join a sport or activity where she can acquire and develop skills that will carry her through life. Physical activity will enable her to be more self-reliant and independent as well as physically strong and healthy.

When they get older, these girls will then mentor and inspire others creating a cycle of empowering females and generations of powerful women.

Maybe your business can be instrumental in providing a young girl opportunity to be all she can be. This will not only benefit the young girl but your entire community.

If you live in the Cleveland, Ohio area, young girls and women of all ages are checking out Adrenaline Monkey, a Family Adventure Center created by Denise Carkhuff, a partner at Jones Day and a fitness enthusiast. Denise was inspired by her young twin daughters, Eva and Gia, to create obstacle courses for all shapes, sizes, and abilities after they saw a petite woman struggling on the American Ninja Warrior television show.

The recently opened state of the art 24,000 square foot Family Adventure Center sports challenging rock walls, parkour courses, and aerial ropes, as well as, virtual reality activities and video games. Adrenaline Monkey has space for group workouts and obstacle courses that challenge everyone from novices to the toughest ninja warriors.

If you work up an appetite, Adrenaline Monkey also serves a variety of smoothies and healthy snacks. At Adrenaline Monkey, young girls can empower themselves by taking charge of their health with regular challenging exercise and nutritious foods.

Adrenaline Monkey is located at 26800 Renaissance Parkway in Cleveland, Ohio. Ask about Adrenaline Monkey’s drop-in rates and membership rates.  Cross train your obstacle skills at Adrenaline Monkey! Make friends with similar interests.

Every Wednesday, Adrenaline Monkey hosts WOMEN WARRIOR WEDNESDAY and on this day women receive 1/2 off the price of admission and 1/2 off smoothies!
NEW FOR FALL: every Wednesday, Adrenaline Monkey is open for women ONLY from 8-10 pm!

Contact Adrenaline Monkey at or (216) 282-3100. We are looking forward to empowering young girls and women to tackle all of life’s obstacles and challenges like a Ninja Warrior!

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