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Summer Camp provides opportunities to try new things, explore something or somewhere new, make new friends and reconnect with old friends, play games and create your own crafting treasures. Here are five ideas to give your child the best summer ever!


These camps cover a spectrum encompassing everything from learning or improving on a subject or language to leadership and social activism. If you have young entrepreneurs inspired by their successful lemonade stands or babysitting business, there are leadership and entrepreneur camps to explore their business potential.  If they love math, science and computer coding, or you see a future engineer diligently playing Minecraft in your family room, there are STEM camps available with opportunities to explore this promising future career.


Speaking of STEM camps, there are also computer science and technology camps dedicated to coder culture. This is another growing career field if your kids enjoy gaming and web design.


If your child has a passion for the theater or film, music or dance, theater or dance camp can offer the best summer ever! During the summer, dance camp provides the opportunity to learn or improve on dance skills. If your children have been binge watching shows on Netflix, they may be inspired to create one of their own. Fortunately, there are film camps where they can learn the art of scriptwriting, filming and directing. If you have a blossoming actress or a dedicated actor in your home, there are also theater camps which offer opportunities to practice auditioning and performing while they have the best summer ever!


There are camps available in every sport you can imagine. Before choosing a sports camp, discuss with your child how they imagine their best summer ever. If your child wants to explore something new, maybe a camp that provides golf lessons or a Summer at the beach learning how to surf would help them explore new skills and make new friends.  Some children may prefer reconnecting with old friends and honing their skills in a favorite sport so that they return to their team a worthy competitor. Communication is key for a successful summer.


Going to the mountains or exploring the coast offer endless summer adventures. If you prefer a local adventure experience, now is the time to search online or chat with other parents you know to find out what your local community has to offer for your child to explore including museums and nature preserves.  If you live in the Cleveland, Ohio area, there is a new Family Adventure Center offering Summer Day Camps for children. Visit for updates and more information on Adrenaline Monkey’s Ninja Warrior Camp. Here is to the Best Summer Ever! Have fun!

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