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By this time of year, you have already started reading or hearing about Summer Camp for your children. Maybe you are receiving mail from your school or church about Girl Scout camp or Bible Studies camp. Possibly, there is an out of town ballet scholarship your child won at a dance convention, and you wonder if she has enough emotional maturity to go away for a week without you. If this is your first child or your only child, spending a week without you present may not be what you want to think about right now.  If research results ease your worried mind, there is research that suggests Summer Camp is positive for your child.

Remember when you would stay during the entire soccer, dance, or gymnastics practice? Eventually, you had to run errands and clean the house or do laundry, and you adjusted to drop them off on their own. When you leave them at camp, they will adjust to their new surroundings. Kids are adaptable. Hopefully, since they will be so busy enjoying their new environment and activities, they won’t get homesick. Meanwhile, they are learning valuable life lessons about the world, making new social connections, and discovering their own self-reliance. They will be responsible for making their own bed, choosing their own outfits, and combing their own hair. There is a good chance that during Summer Camp, your child will not only make new friends but also build self-esteem.

There is no need to worry. Here are six reasons your kids will love Summer Camp.

  1. They will discover their own independence. As they experience each new adventure and success on their own, they will build confidence.
  2. Kids discover that when they unplug their electronics, there is always something to do. They may take up a new hobby or learn how to swim. Camp offers them a different view away from their computer screen.
  3. Camp helps conquer fears. A lot of fear is the fear of the unknown. Once your child experiences Summer Camp, being away from you is no longer an unknown.
  4. Develop skills including social skills.
  5. Learning and enjoying being in nature.
  6. Making new friends. Camp creates friendships. Everyone is new there, and they are all trying to make new connections.

What if you feel that you have already overprotected your child and sheltered her too much? You still sit and watch her during two hours of gymnastics or soccer practice. Maybe now is not the time to leave her without you for an entire week if you have never left her alone for even two hours. There are other options such as Summer Day Camps where they go home in the evening. Family Entertainment Centers are beginning to open their doors in many communities. Inquire about their family memberships and Summer Day Camp activities.

If you live in the Cleveland, Ohio area, check out Adrenaline Monkey at, a new family adventure center opening this June! Sign up for their latest news to receive updates on this Summer’s day camp activities.

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