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Summer Camps are a healthy way for children to learn how to separate from their family and explore beyond their home and neighborhood. With the variety of Summer Camps available including day camps and overnight camps, it is possible to choose the perfect Summer Camp for your child.

Day Camps are excellent starting points if your child has never experienced Summer Camp. These temporary separations from home offer a transitional step if the child or parents are not ready for the sleepaway camps. Camp counselors agree that most children are ready for overnight camps by the time they are twelve years old, especially if they have enjoyed day camps and learned these separation skills.

Before you choose a Summer day camp for your child, do your homework. It’s a good idea to reach out and talk to the Camp Directors of the Summer Camps you are considering for your child. The best ones will always have someone available to talk to you before, during and after you enroll your child. Ask if they have references from other parents and if there will be an open house soon.

Things to consider when you are choosing a Summer Camp:

  1. Do you want to try it out for only a week? Often churches offer Summer Bible School day camps that last only a week, or you can enroll in a family entertainment center’s program for specific weeks that fit your schedule.
  2. Consider what type of Summer Camp – if it revolves around horses and your child loves art, you may want to keep looking. There are math camps and science camps. Do a quick google search of your local Summer day camps for inspiration.
  3. Make sure the camp does background checks and employs a trained staff.
  4. Activity choices should be available for your child, as well as, a group of peers to interact with during the day. Independence is fostered when children can choose some of their own activities.
  5. There should be a communication plan set up if your child is injured or needs to contact you for any reason.
  6. A Summer day camp should be a different experience so that your child learns new skills while having fun.

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