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What is the point of corporate team building?  A break from the routine of the office. Maybe a chance to get to know someone from a different department. Learning to work together as a team despite our differences. There is a large amount of research proving that corporate team building is valuable, so whether you are a fan or not, it is here to stay. No one knows precisely why or how it works exactly, but apparently, it does work.

4 Benefits of Corporate Team Building:

  • Team Building Boosts Morale.

Team building provides a level of informality, fun, and a more relaxed atmosphere for employees, which can work wonders for a team. They are also learning that they can enjoy their job. Seeing the employer as a colleague instead of a boss, can improve an employee’s morale.

  • Team Building Improves Leadership Skills.

Traditional training classes also improve leadership skills, but team building exercises allow opportunities for junior employees to show and develop their leadership skills and how they handle responsibility. These team building exercises allow department heads to both train and scout in-house for new talent and leaders in a less stressful and non-threatening way.

  • Team Building has a High Return on Investment.

Although you may not be able to measure the exact rate of return, bosses paying attention to the development of employees improves their employees’ productivity when they return to the office.

  • Team Building Improves Communication.

If you read the employee reviews online, most employees comment either positively or negatively on the communication between upper management and the corporate office. They want to feel heard. When the corporate office takes the time to meet its employees and provide an avenue for effective communication, there will be less employee turnover, which ultimately benefits both the employee and the corporation.

The most effective, useful corporate building events do not involve training and have nothing to do with the office. You can use these activities to celebrate successes or develop your team, but try not to force the corporate agenda. The most memorable team events do not feel like a day at the office, and your goal is to provide a corporate team event that everyone will remember. Take the office out of state to a warm climate in the winter, or check out local family entertainment centers. Book a day or a week of events where your staff can bond, learn something new, and return to the office more productive and energized.

If you are in the Cleveland area, check out Adrenaline Monkey, for ninja-style team building activities including obstacle courses and rock climbing for an adventure your office will never forget.  Book your event in advance at  Call us to learn how you can make your Corporate Team Building event effective and most definitely memorable!

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